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Rounding Cornwall Boat Trip Experience

A unique coastal boat trip experience you will remember for a lifetime. Famous landmarks, seals, wildlife, birdlife, big and beautiful scenery!
Penzance or Hayle
2.5 hours




Trip Overview

If you are looking for an adventure, this is the trip for you! A unique coastal boat trip experience you will remember for a lifetime. This could be the best boat trip in the UK, let alone Cornwall. It has everything! Famous landmarks, an abundance of wildlife, birdlife, big and beautiful scenery! It’s where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Irish sea. The mixing of current creates a sea life phenomenon.

This is a one way trip, scroll down to find out more!
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The Route

Departing from either Hayle or Penzance. This trip aims to bring you the full story of the Cornish Peninsula. Historic landmarks, epic coastline and all the wildlife that lives in sync with this truly remarkable part of Britain. We are the only boat operators doing this trip! It will take you past infamous waters and treacherous headlands that have a rich history of shipwrecks and piracy. This trip is a once in a lifetime experience… unless you love it so much you come back for more!

This is a one-way trip, our guests use the train link between Hayle and Penzance to return to their starting location. The train station in Hayle is a 4 min walk to Hayle Harbour. The train station in Penzance is at Penzance Harbour, a 2 minute walk to the meeting point. The train trip between the two stations is about 10-15 mins. They run every 30 min most days and is around 4 pounds a ticket. We recommend pre booking your train ticket during peak season.

One-way: Penzance – Hayle or Hayle – Penzance (see map)

Rounding Cornwall Boat Trip Map

All-weather fun

Our boat trips cover the entire cape of Cornwall. This means we can choose the best sea conditions for your trip.

Incredible Scenery

You will see some of the most famous mind-blowing scenic locations in the UK. Perfect for your Instagram feed!

See Marine Life

Being so close to the open Atlantic Ocean, we typically see a diverse array of sea life such as whales, tuna and dolphins.

Expert Guides

Every trip has an expert guide who will explain the wildlife, ecosystem, rich history and environment.

Exciting BOat Trips

You will be aboard the safest boat you can have for these trips. Humber ribs are used by the military, and police often used as safety boats.

Sightseeing highlights

The places we will explore on this trip:

Wildlife to watch

The most popular sea creatures and wildlife to look out for on this route:

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