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Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in Cornwall

Making an incredible comeback, the Atlantic bluefin tuna is the biggest tuna species in the world.

About Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Atlantic bluefin tuna average 2 - 2.5m in length (some reach 4m) and weighing over 600 kg they are often mistaken for dolphins from a distance due to their immense size.

They can put on bursts of speed over 40mph; which causes them to breach high above the surface when employing their from-below feeding strategy.

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Atlantic Bluefin Tuna FAQ

Your questions about Atlantic Bluefin Tuna answered.

How likely is it to spot Bluefin Tuna?

Bluefins disappeared from UK waters in the 1990s. Just five years ago sighting a bluefin tuna in Cornwall would have been incredibly rare. But since then numbers have been increasing to such an extent that we now experience feeding frenzies that make the water churn and can last up to two hours off our coast in the summer months.

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