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Longships Lighthouse

The most westerly point of Britain and has been warning seaman since 1795.

About Longships Lighthouse

Longships Lighthouse marks the most westerly point of Britain and has been warning seaman since 1795.

This is the second of two towers that have stood on Carn Bras, the highest islet or the exposed reef. The impressive structure you see today replaced Lieutenant Smith’s tower in 1873. A testament to Sir James Douglass and Trinity House engineers, as this granite tower, still stands tall alongside Wolf rock and the Lizard. These free lights are responsible for the best-illuminated waterways in Britain and saving countless lives of seaman around Cornwall.

Longships, was the first offshore lighthouse to contain lamps and reflectors. Eighteen lamps with reflectors, arranged in two tiers were used to create a strong beam of light that can be seen 15 NM offshore.

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Your Questions answered

All you need to know about Longships Lighthouse.

Is Longships Lighthouse manned? When was it automated?

Longships was lit by a paraffin burner until 1967 and had to be tended to by lighthouse keepers. The old technology was replaced with an electric bulb and then later automated in 1988. Now days, there is no need for anyone to live out there and the light is monitored and controlled from the Trinity House Operational Control Centre at Harwich in Essex

Is Longships Lighthouse still operational?

The lighthouse is still very much operational and is still valued by seamen. Every night she sends out two Flashes of light every 10 seconds that are dissected into white and red beams. This gives a direct transit to navigators to avoid danger. In short this light characteristic is known as Fl (2) WR 10s. When the visibility is low, she will sound a one second blast every 10 seconds from her fog horn.

How many lighthouses are there in Cornwall?

There are nine major lighthouses in Cornwall.

How tall is the lighthouse?

Longships stands at 35 m (115 ft) of Cornish granite

How far out can you see the lighthouse?

15 Nautical Miles.

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