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Minack Theatre

Theatre and a seawatch anyone?

About Minack Theatre

Located at Porthcurno, the Minack Theatre is a Cornish open-air theatre built into the granite rocks.

The Minack theatre first started construction in 1930. It took 6 months for the stage and a seating area to be built. In 1932 the first performance was held, lit by batteries and car headlights!

Minack Theatre Cornwall

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Your Questions answered

All you need to know about Minack Theatre.

What does Minack mean?

Minack relates to the Cornish word ‘meynek’ meaning rocky or stoney place.

Is the Minack Theatre open?

The Minack Theatre remains open to this day! You can have tours of this wonderful theatre during the day, whilst also attending a live stage performance during the evening. Keep a look out for events! You will often get some world class theatre right on the edge of the world!

Where is the Minack Theatre?

The Minack theatre is located in Porthcurno overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in West Cornwall.

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