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Meet The Crew

Collectively our guides know the intricate details of our coast.

We are committed to the highest standards in the quality of our boat trips.

That’s why all our guides have all graduated from our local universities. Plymouth, Falmouth and Exeter are leaders in marine biology, the natural world, the environment and other related fields. 

Meet the Captain

Jack Carter

Director & Skipper

“With over 15 years of professional experience at sea,  you can feel assured that you are in safe hands. I’ve grown up on the Cornish coast and know its every mood. I’ve been living and breathing this magical coast since before I could walk, I have a deep connection here and I can’t wait to share it with you.”

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Supporting universities

Coast Boat Trips has big plans. Our goal is to educate people to care for and protect the natural world. For us, the opportunity to build a symbiotic relationship with the local universities has the potential to take this to the next level. We love to support and inspire the next generation in the hope they will build a future that looks after all that we love.

There are big advantages to working with universities, as it gives us the opportunity to be at the peak of understanding our coast.

We offer students a place they can bring their knowledge into practice. Coast Boat Trips is a business for good and opportunity.

This means we are committed to building our symbiotic relationship for years to come.

Interested in working for us?

If you are passionate about protecting and preserving our incredible planet and would like to share the beauty of our unique Cornish coastline.