An integral part of the Cornish tin mine industry

About Botallack

The mining in Cornwall is central to Cornish history. Most famous for its tin that put Cornwall on the map as part of the industrial revolution.

Botallack is a stunning example of the mines you can see all over the area. Perched on the cliff edge the buildings are very impressive. More impressive still, is that Botallack was a submarine mine with tunnels extending under the sea in places for half a mile. 14,500 tonnes of tin, 20,000 tonnes of copper, and 1,500 tonnes of arsenic has been dug out of the tunnels that extend from Botallack. All dug by hand by the hardy Cornish miners! The history of this place is fascinating and goes back to the Bronze Age.

Botallack Mine Cornwall

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Your Questions answered

All you need to know about Botallack.

Where is Botallack?

Botallack is just north of Cape Cornwall.

Was Poldark filmed at Botallack?

Yes, the abandoned buildings at Botallack were used for the Poldark family mines of Wheal Leisure. In real life it’s called Wheal Owles and Wheal Crowns.

What is the history of Botallack?

Botallack is a submarine mine with tunnels extending under the sea in places for half a mile. Over its recorded lifetime the mine produced around 14,500 tonnes of tin, 20,000 tonnes of copper and 1,500 tonnes of arsenic. An estimated 1.5 million tonnes of waste would have been dug up with the minerals. It is unclear how far back mining activity goes in this location. Early records date from the 1500s. Some archaeological evidence points to mining here in the Roman era or even as far back as the Bronze Age.

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