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Hells Mouth Cornwall

A dramatic bay with huge cliffs that rise vertically from the beach

About Hells Mouth Cornwall

Hells Mouth is only accessible with ropes, but you can get beautiful views from the tops of the cliffs. Our trips give you a different perspective of this atmospheric and beautiful stretch of the Cornish coast.

The cliffs at Hell’s Mouth are the highest in the area, rising to heights of 300ft. The cliffs here consist of mudstones and sandstones that are quite unstable. The force of the North Atlantic erodes these cliffs consistently and rockfalls are common. This all adds to the dramatic nature of the place.

As this stretch of coast sees very little human activity, it’s fantastic to see wildlife.

Hell's Mouth from cliffs

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Your Questions answered

All you need to know about Hells Mouth Cornwall.

Why is it called Hell's Mouth Cornwall?

We don’t know where the name Hell’s Mouth came from, but we do know that it’s the perfect name to capture the dramatic atmosphe of this bay.

How Close is Hell's Mouth to Godrevy Lighthouse?

1.5 milles

Where is Hell's Mouth Cornwall?

North East of St Ives bay

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